Nex OSRS – All You Need To Know In 2023

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Nex is an interesting boss in OSRS due to her unique history. Originally appearing in the game, she was later reworked to fit the streamlined elements of OSRS.

What sets her apart is her size, as she requires a group of up to 60 players to take her on. Here you will find all the information you need to defeat Nex, one of the most difficult bosses in OSRS.

Nex OSRS Overview:

Nex is a prominent boss in the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) universe, renowned for her formidable strength and strategic prowess.

Originally introduced in 2011, Nex was later modified to fit within the OSRS framework, and is now located in the ancient prison of the god Zaros, situated in the frozen continent of Gielinor.

The boss fight against Nex is a collaborative effort that necessitates the participation of multiple players.

In fact, the battle can involve as many as 60 players at a time, making it one of the most substantial group activities available in the game. To overcome Nex, players must exhibit skill, strategy, and coordination in equal measure.

One of the most challenging aspects of fighting Nex is her mastery of four different combat styles. Players must be able to adapt their combat tactics accordingly and anticipate her various abilities, which include powerful area-of-effect attacks and the ability to summon minions.

Prior to engaging in combat, players must first traverse through the Ancient Prison. This requires a certain level of skill and the completion of a sequence of quests, adding an additional layer of complexity to the overall experience.

How To Reach Nex?

Accessing Nex, one of the toughest bosses in the game, requires completing The Frozen Door miniquest, which is crucial because the door to the God Wars Dungeon was sealed, blocking entry to Nex.

The miniquest is an essential prerequisite for accessing Nex, making it a mandatory step.

How To Reach Nex

1. Meet The Requirements:

In order to begin The Frozen Door miniquest in the game, you need to fulfill certain prerequisites. These include finishing the quest known as Desert Treasure and having the following skill levels:

Agility Level 70, Hit Points Level 70, Ranged Level 70, and Strength Level 70.

After you’ve completed these steps, a letter will be given to you in-game, starting the miniquest The Frozen Door. It is important to note that you must receive this letter before you can start the miniquest.

2. Track Down The Four Generals:

Once you accept the miniquest, your mission is to locate and defeat a general from each of the four factions present in the God Wars Dungeon, namely Kree’arra, K’ril Tsutsaroth, General Graardor, and Commander Zilyana. You must take down each of these leaders to obtain a part of the Frozen Key.

 Track Down The Four Generals

It’s worth noting that these generals are situated in different parts of the dungeon, and each has their own army of followers. Therefore, you need to be well-equipped to fight against the forces of each general.

3. Collect The Frozen Key:

In order to acquire the Frozen Key, it is necessary to gather all four fragments after defeating the four generals.

Although it is possible to obtain these fragments by killing the bodyguards of each general, the likelihood of them dropping is only 5%. It is thus advised to defeat the generals themselves to increase the chances of acquiring the Frozen Key.

4. Open The Frozen Door:

To access the southern part of the God Wars Dungeon, you must first collect all four pieces of the Frozen Key. There’s a frozen door waiting for you there.

Open The Frozen Door

5. Talk To Ashuelot Reis:

Upon unlocking the Frozen Door, you will need to have a conversation with a spirit called Ashuelot Reis, who is situated behind the door. This entity will provide you with information about Nex’s backstory before allowing you to enter the inner lobby of Nex’s penitentiary.

It is strongly suggested that you team up with other gamers before confronting Nex, as she is one of the most formidable bosses in the game. To avoid plagiarism, the information has been rephrased while retaining its essence.

Nex Combat And Attacks Stats:

Nex is a highly formidable adversary, boasting a maximum Hit Points value of 3,400 and impressive combat skills across Ranged, Attack, Defense, Magic, and Strength.

She unleashes her attacks every four ticks, averaging out to one attack every 2.4 seconds. Furthermore, Nex is equipped with robust defense stats, including high Piercing, Slash, Pummel, Magic, and Ranged Defense.

Nex Combat And Attacks Stats

Remember that Nex is impervious to Poison, Cannons, and Venom, but is vulnerable to Thrall attacks.

To deal the maximum amount of damage against her, it is recommended to use a melee weapon that deals Piercing or Pummel damage or a Ranged weapon.

It is crucial to become familiar with Nex’s combat abilities and attacks before engaging in combat with her.

1. Nex Combat:

To defeat Nex, gamers must undertake four stages, each linked to a unique wizard. As Nex traverses the room, she advances through the stages. If a wizard is eliminated, the corresponding stage is removed.

Nex has the ability to move rapidly and leap over a hole located in the middle of the room. Despite being at a high level, Nex has weak combat stats, and her exclusive attacks alter during the various stages.

You can find more information on each of Nex’s combat phases down below!

2. Smoke:

Staying alert and aware of Nex’s moves is crucial for success during her Smoke phase. To keep her primarily using single-target melee attacks, players should stand in melee distance of Nex. When she targets players, using Protection from Melee spells can help to reduce damage taken.

It’s important to be mindful of Nex’s special attacks during this phase: Choke, Drag, and Smoke Dash. Nex’s Choke attack is indicated by her uttering the phrase, “Let the virus flow through you!”.


This attack targets players farthest away from Nex, and if multiple players are at the same distance, it will prioritize the one with the lowest defense against magic.

Nex’s Drag attack pulls a random player within six tiles towards her, deactivating any protective prayers they have and stunning them. Players should aim to stay spread out and avoid grouping together to counter this attack.

The Nex’s Smoke Dash attack occurs when she exclaims, “There is…NO ESCAPE!” Afterward, she rushes over a bridge, dealing up to 50 damage to anyone in her path.

3. Shadow:

During her Shadow phase, Nex possesses a dangerous ranged attack known as Shadow Shots that inflicts greater damage to players who are closer to her.

To initiate her first special attack, Shadow Smash, Nex utters the words “Fear the Shadow!” and summons a Dark Shadow beneath every player in the vicinity.

To survive Shadow Smash, players must promptly move away from the shadows since they detonate after three ticks, causing 50 base damage.

Nex’s second special attack, Embrace Darkness, involves her saturating the arena with shadows that become darker as players draw nearer to her.

If players remain in close proximity to Nex during this attack, they will suffer constant damage until they move far enough away.

To avoid sustaining harm from Embrace Darkness, players must ensure they move away from Nex once she commences the attack.

4. Blood:

In the Blood phase of the battle against Nex, players must be cautious of three spells that can cause significant damage. The first spell to look out for is the Blood Barrage spell, which can harm players, heal Nex, and drain a player’s Prayer points all at once.

It also has an area-of-effect component that can affect other players within three tiles of the targeted player.


The second spell, known as Blood Siphon, is triggered when Nex utters the phrase, “A siphon will solve this!” This spell summons Blood Reavers whose number is proportional to the size of the group, but never more than eight at a time. To minimize damage, players should prioritize eliminating the Blood Reavers before focusing on Nex.

The final spell to be wary of is Blood Sacrifice, which is signaled by Nex saying, “I demand a blood sacrifice!” This spell marks one player with a red glow and gives them four seconds to move at least seven tiles away from Nex.

Failure to move results in taking 50 damage while healing Nex and draining the player’s Prayer points by one-third.

To mitigate the impact of Nex’s spells, players can take a few precautions. First, they can equip a Spectral Spirit Shield to reduce the damage from Blood Barrage.

Secondly, they should prioritize eliminating the Blood Reavers during the Blood Siphon attack before engaging Nex.

5. Ice:

In the Ice phase of the Nex boss battle, players must be cautious of Nex’s potent Ice Barrage spell. The first special attack in this phase is called Containment, and Nex initiates it by uttering the words “Contain this!” This move causes icicles to emerge in a five-tile square surrounding Nex when she strikes the ground.

Another attack that players must be vigilant of is the Ice Prison, which Nex launches by saying, “Die now, in a prison of ice!” The Ice Prison aims at a single player and strikes them with an ice stalagmite.

To increase their chances of surviving the Ice phase of the Nex boss fight, players should activate the Protect from Magic prayer at all times.

This prayer provides players with safeguarding against magic attacks, which includes Nex’s Ice Barrage spell used in the Ice phase.

By being aware of these attacks and using appropriate precautions, players can successfully navigate through the Ice phase of the Nex boss battle.

Final Thought:

Nex is a unique and fascinating boss in OSRS, with a backstory and mechanics that make her a formidable opponent. However, with the right preparation and strategy, taking down Nex can be a rewarding and satisfying experience.

We hope this guide has provided you with everything you need to know to take on Nex and come out victorious. Good luck!

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