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OSRS Graceful – How To Get Latest Outfit In 2023

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In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), players strive to optimize their gameplay experience and enhance their in-game performance, with maintaining agility and conserving run energy being crucial aspects.

The OSRS Graceful outfit plays a significant role in achieving these goals, as it is a lightweight ensemble that offers numerous benefits to its wearers.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the OSRS Graceful outfit, including its practical applications and advantages within the game, as well as the process of obtaining it.

With this information, players can enhance their gameplay experience and improve their performance in the game.

Acquiring The OSRS Graceful Outfit:

The OSRS Graceful outfit can be obtained by completing Rooftop Agility Courses and gathering Marks of Grace.

These marks are a distinct type of currency that can be traded for different pieces of the Graceful outfit at Grace’s Graceful Clothing store, which is situated in the Rogues’ Den.

1. Rooftop Agility Courses:

Rooftop Agility Courses can be discovered in various locations across Gielinor, and players must meet different Agility level requirements to access them.

As players navigate through these courses, they can discover Marks of Grace, which materialize randomly on the ground. 

Rooftop Agility Courses

The quantity of Marks of Grace collected is directly related to the player’s Agility level, with higher levels resulting in a more significant number of Marks of Grace.

2. Obtaining Marks Of Grace:

The number of Marks of Grace a player receives is dependent on different variables, such as the player’s Agility level, the particular Rooftop Agility Course they are participating in, and the Kandarin Diary’s completion status. 

To maximize the number of Marks of Grace acquired, players should focus on training at the highest-level Rooftop Agility Course available to them and aim to complete the Kandarin Diary for additional bonus marks.

3. Purchasing The Osrs Graceful Outfit Pieces

After accumulating a sufficient amount of Marks of Grace, players can exchange them for individual pieces of the Graceful outfit at Grace’s Graceful Clothing store in the Rogues’ Den.

The complete outfit requires 260 Marks of Grace and comprises six separate pieces, namely the Graceful hood, top, legs, gloves, boots, and cape.

Components Of The Graceful Outfit:

The OSRS Graceful outfit is composed of six distinct pieces, and each one offers specific advantages to the player’s character. If worn as a complete set, the outfit will provide a significant enhancement of 30% to the rate of energy restoration when running.

1. Hood:

The Graceful hood is a vital part of the Graceful outfit in OSRS that functions as a lightweight headgear piece. It provides a weight reduction of 3kg, resulting in slower depletion of the player’s run energy. 


As a result, it plays a crucial role in optimizing the player’s performance during activities that require high levels of mobility.

2. Cape:

The Graceful cape is a delicate and airy piece of clothing worn on the player’s back as part of the Graceful outfit in OSRS. It significantly lowers the player’s weight by 4kg, which aids in maintaining their run energy by reducing its depletion rate. 


This feature is an essential factor in improving the player’s agility and endurance during extended periods of activity.

3. Top:

The Graceful top is a crucial component of the Graceful outfit in OSRS that serves as a body armor piece. It offers a significant weight reduction of 5kg, making it one of the most effective contributors to the outfit’s overall weight reduction. 

A feature like this provides players with improved mobility and run energy conservation, enhancing their overall performance during physical activities.

4. Gloves:

The Graceful gloves are a crucial part of the  OSRS Graceful outfit, serving as handwear. They provide a notable reduction in weight of 3kg, adding to the overall cumulative weight reduction offered by the complete outfit. 

Gloves in osrs

This feature significantly improves the player’s mobility and conserves their run energy, resulting in more extended periods of activity and improved performance.

5. Legs:

The Graceful legs are an essential part of the Graceful outfit in OSRS, functioning as trousers. They provide the most substantial weight reduction of 6kg, contributing significantly to the overall weight reduction of the outfit. 

It plays a crucial role in conserving the player’s run energy and improving their mobility during physical activities. Additionally, it aids in the faster restoration of run energy, further enhancing the player’s overall performance.

6. Boots:

The Graceful boots are the last piece of the Graceful outfit in OSRS and serve as footwear. They offer a weight reduction of 4kg, effectively completing the outfit’s remarkable weight-reducing abilities. 

This feature is critical in improving the player’s overall mobility and conserving their run energy during extended periods of activity. Moreover, it contributes to the faster restoration of run energy, enhancing the player’s endurance and performance.

Utilizing The OSRS Graceful Outfit For Maximum Efficiency:

The primary benefit of the OSRS Graceful outfit is its weight-reducing properties and the increased run energy restoration it provides when the full set is worn. 

1. Weight Reduction And Run Energy Restoration:

The OSRS Graceful outfit comprises several pieces that can decrease your character’s weight. This weight reduction enables you to maintain your run for a longer time without consuming your run energy quickly.

Moreover, if you wear the complete outfit, your run energy recovery speed will be boosted by 30%, which can significantly enhance your agility and endurance while playing the game.

2. Maximizing Efficiency With The Osrs Graceful Outfit:

For optimal utilization of the benefits offered by the OSRS Graceful outfit, it is important to wear the entire set and reduce the weight of other items in your inventory.

This will enable you to move through Gielinor with greater speed and efficiency, saving valuable time and resources while engaged in activities such as questing, skilling, or PvM.

3. Recoloring The Osrs Graceful Outfit:

In Old School RuneScape, players can change the color of their Graceful outfit by using different colored Hallowed Marks, which can be earned by playing the Hallowed Sepulcher minigame.

To recolor the outfit, players must bring the required number of Hallowed Marks and Graceful outfit pieces to the Darkmeyer Trader in the Darkmeyer region. 

This feature allows players to customize the appearance of their character and add a personal touch to their gameplay experience.

OSRS Graceful Outfit In Endgame Content:

The OSRS Graceful outfit remains a valuable asset even in endgame content, particularly when participating in activities that require extensive movement and energy conservation. 

1. Using OSRS Graceful In Chambers Of Xeric:

The Chambers of Xeric, or Raids, is a challenging PvM (Player vs. Monster) activity that requires players to work together effectively.

Successful completion of the raid involves moving between different rooms, which makes wearing the OSRS Graceful outfit very useful. 

Using OSRS Graceful In Chambers Of Xeric

This outfit helps conserve energy and maintain stamina, which is particularly important during activities such as farming, thieving, and transporting supplies between rooms.

By wearing the Graceful outfit, players can optimize their performance and increase their chances of success in the raid.

2. OSRS Graceful In Theatre Of Blood:

The Theatre of Blood is a demanding PvM task that necessitates quick movement and efficient energy usage.

During intervals between boss battles, participants must traverse through passageways that contain diverse traps and hurdles. 

The OSRS Graceful attire, which lowers weight and boosts run energy recovery, can substantially assist players in sidestepping these hazards and accomplishing the Theatre of Blood with greater effectiveness. 

3. OSRS Graceful In The Inferno:

The Inferno is a demanding PvM trial in which players must tackle numerous waves of formidable foes before taking on the formidable TzKal-Zuk. Players are required to constantly move between safe zones to avoid enemy attacks throughout the Inferno. 

OSRS Graceful In The Inferno

The OSRS Graceful attire, with its lightweight design and energy-boosting properties, can assist players in maintaining their agility and stamina, increasing their likelihood of successfully finishing the Inferno and receiving the highly sought-after Infernal Cape.


The OSRS Graceful outfit is a critical tool for players seeking to optimize their gameplay and enhance their agility and efficiency throughout Gielinor.

From acquiring the outfit pieces to utilizing their full potential in various game activities, this guide has covered everything you need to know to master the OSRS Graceful outfit.

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