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OSRS Grand Exchange (GE) – Old School RuneScape Guide In 2023

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The OSRS Grand Exchange is a trading system present in Old School RuneScape that enables players to trade various items that can be bought and sold.

It was introduced in 2015 after the content poll was successfully conducted. Players who are members can access eight slots for trading, while free players are limited to three.

Members are allowed to trade both free-to-play and members-only items, whereas free players can only trade free-to-play items.

Trades can be completed without the need to advertise or meet other players since coins and items can be collected from any bank or deposit box.

Ironmen have their own unique interface that permits them to purchase bonds but restrict them from buying or selling any other item.

Grand Exchange Location:

Getting to the OSRS Grand Exchange is a relatively easy task for players of the popular game. They can travel there on foot from Varrock or opt to use the Varrock Teleport spell, which is accessible through the Standard spellbook and requires a Magic level of at least 25.

Another option is to use a Varrock teleport tablet or utilize a POH Varrock portal found within a Portal Chamber, which can only be constructed with a minimum Construction level of 50.

1. Using The Agility Shortcut:

If a player has an Agility level of 21, they can make use of an Agility Shortcut to swiftly reach the OSRS Grand Exchange.

The shortcut is situated towards the northwest of the Grand Exchange and mandates the player to leap over a gap in the wall.

Using The Agility Shortcut

This is a favorable choice for those players who wish to bypass the comparatively lengthier walk from Varrock.

2. Using A Canoe Station:

Players who have a Woodcutting level between 12 and 57 have the option to utilize canoe stations for travel to the OSRS GE.

There are three distinct canoe stations available for players to access, including the Champions’ Guild station, Barbarian Village station, and Edgeville station.

Using A Canoe Station in orsr

To reach the OSRS GE from the Champions’ Guild station, players must move in the northern direction. If players opt to utilize the Barbarian Village station, they should proceed in the eastern direction.

Lastly, players who choose to travel from the Edgeville station can utilize the tunnel to reach the OSRS GE.

3. Teleporting To The Grand Exchange:

Upon completing the Varrock medium diary, players have the convenience of using the Varrock teleport to directly access the OSRS GE, bypassing the need for extended travel or other modes of transportation.

Players can avoid a lot of hassle and stress by selecting this option. Additionally, players can make use of the Chronicle to teleport to the Champion’s Guild, followed by a walk to the north into Varrock.

4. Using The Spirit Tree:

Once the Tree Gnome Village quest is completed, players can conveniently travel to the Grand Exchange by using the Spirit Tree.

This tree can be found in the northeast direction of the Grand Exchange and offers a fast mode of transportation.

Alternatively, players can use the teleport feature of the Ardougne cloak to travel to the Khazard battlefield spirit tree. The OSRS GE can be reached in a similar fashion.

5. Using The Ring Of Wealth:

Having a Ring of Wealth in their possession grants players the ability to teleport to the Grand Exchange.

This feature is particularly useful for those who seek to save time and circumvent the inconvenience of traversing on foot or utilizing other modes of transportation.

Using The Ring Of Wealth

6. Using The Skills Necklace:

Utilizing a Skills Necklace, players have the ability to teleport themselves to the Cooks’ Guild and then make a short journey northward to reach the OSRS GE.

This can be a beneficial alternative for players who desire to avoid the extended trek from Varrock but do not possess the necessary Agility level for the shortcut.

7. Taking The Cart From Keldagrim:

Using the Blast Furnace minigame teleport allows players to conveniently travel from Keldagrim to the OSRS GE without having to walk the longer route from Varrock.

This method is particularly helpful for players who are unable to access the shortcut due to their Agility level.

Grand Exchange Operation:

In the game, players can use the Grand Exchange to engage in buying and selling items. There is essentially a free market within the game where players set the prices of items. When a player’s buy offer matches or exceeds another player’s sell offer, a trade occurs.

If a player places a buy offer at a lower price than the current sell offers, the trade will take place at the lowest sell offer available. In this case, the buyer will receive the item, and the seller will get gold in exchange.

Grand Exchange Operation

Conversely, if a player sets a sell offer at a higher price than the current buy offers, the trade will occur at the highest buy offer available. The seller will get gold, and the buyer will receive the item.

If there are multiple buy or sell offers for the same price, the system prioritizes older offers over newer ones, giving the former a better chance of being matched first.

The Importance Of The Grand Exchange:

The RuneScape economy relies heavily on the Grand Exchange, which is a key component of the game. This system simplifies item trading for players and guarantees that prices are fair.

Without the Grand Exchange, trading items would be cumbersome and unreliable, as players would have to manually search for other players to trade with.

Moreover, the Grand Exchange plays an important role in the completion of quests and other activities. In some quests, players are required to obtain specific items, which they can easily acquire through the Grand Exchange.

Additionally, As the nex OSRS enables The players to buy and sell also in OSRS GE enables players to buy and sell items for profit, thus enabling them to accumulate wealth within the game.

Grand Exchange Guide Prices:

In the game RuneScape, the Grand Exchange sets the initial price of items based on a guide value, which reflects the approximate market value of the item.

This guide value is derived from the item’s trading history, and it generally adheres to the principles of supply and demand.

Price goes up when demand is high and supply is low, and the opposite holds true when supply is plentiful and demand is low. If supply and demand are in harmony, then the price should be stable.

The Grand Exchange pricing algorithms are not publicly disclosed, but the item prices are updated regularly based on recent trades and trading volume.

However, for items with low trading volume, such as party hats, the prices may not be updated as frequently, resulting in guide prices that may be inaccurate.

Additionally, Jagex, the game’s developer, may intervene to set prices themselves to prevent price manipulation or scams.

In addition to being used as a reference for Death’s Coffer sacrifices and the Items Kept on Death mechanic, the Grand Exchange Market Watch keeps players up to date on the current market value of all items.

Grand Exchange Pricing Experts:

1. Brugsen Bursen:

If you right-click on an item and ask Brugsen Bursen how much it should cost, you’ll get a price range. If you need to know the current price of something, he is the fellow to see.

2. Farid Morrisane:

Farid Morrisane is another pricing expert who shows the prices of ores, bars, and gems. Anyone looking for the best prices on these items would do well to consult with him.

3. Relobo Blinyo:

Relobo Blinyo is a pricing expert who shows the prices of logs. He is an important source for locating the best prices for logs.

4. Bob Barter:

Bob Barter is a pricing expert who shows the prices of herbs and potions. He can also decant potions into both marked full and empty vials. If you’re looking for the lowest prices on herbs and potions, he’s your man.

5. Murky Matt:

Murky Matt is a pricing expert who shows the prices of runes. Additionally, he has the ability to “decant” charged items into their respective full and empty charges.

6. Hofuthand:

Hofuthand is a pricing expert who shows the prices of certain weapons and armor.

7. James:

James can also be found outside the main entrance to the Grand Exchange, along with the aforementioned group of six pricing experts. He provides information about membership bonds, making him a valuable resource for anyone who wants to know more about membership bonds.

Grand Exchange Non-tradeable Items:

At the OSRS GE, players are able to trade a wide variety of items with ease. However, some items cannot be traded using this service but can still be traded through traditional player-to-player methods.

1. Burnt Foods:

Burnt foods are one of the most common non-tradeable items in the Grand Exchange. These items cannot be traded with the GE service and have no in-game value. Burnt foods occur when a player burns a piece of raw food while cooking.

This results in an item that is inedible and, therefore, worthless. Burnt foods can be found by searching for “burnt” in the Grand Exchange search bar.

2. Partially Charged Jewellery And Equipment:

Partially charged jewelry and equipment are another type of non-tradeable item in the Grand Exchange.

These items include a game necklace and black mask, which are only partially charged and cannot be traded with the GE service. Players can still trade these items through traditional player-to-player methods.

3. Half-Eaten Food Items:

Half-eaten food items are another type of non-tradeable item in the Grand Exchange. These items include a slice of cake and other partially consumed food items.

These items cannot be traded with the GE service but can still be traded through traditional player-to-player methods.

4. Recipe Items:

Recipe items such as uncooked cake are another type of non-tradeable item in the Grand Exchange. You can’t get these through the GE service’s trade system, and the only way to get them is to cook.

Recipe items can be used to create various food items and are often used by players who wish to level up their cooking skills.

5. Currency:

As with platinum tokens, these can’t be bought or sold on the Grand Exchange. These items cannot be traded with the GE service but can be used to store large amounts of coins in a single inventory slot. Platinum tokens are often used by players who wish to store large amounts of coins in a single inventory slot.

6. Castle Wars Bandages:

Castle Wars bandages are another type of non-tradeable item in the Grand Exchange. These items cannot be traded with the GE service but can be obtained through playing Castle Wars minigame.

Castle Wars bandages are used to heal players during the game and have no in-game value.

Final Thoughts:

The OSRS Grand Exchange is an essential feature of the game that makes trading items much more efficient and accessible to all players.

By using the Grand Exchange, players can save time, make informed decisions about the value of items, and enjoy a more streamlined trading experience.

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