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OSRS Hiscores – Top Player Rankings By Skill In 2023

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The OSRS HiScores is an element accessible on the official game website, which ranks players based on their expertise in various skills, performance in Bounty Hunter and Last Man Standing, accomplishments in treasure trails, and boss and raid kills.

To be included in the SRSS HiScores, a player must achieve a top 2,000,000 position in a specific category.

The HiScores can be divided into distinct game modes, such as standard, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, and Tournament HiScores. Seasonal gaming modes, like Deadman Mode and Leagues, also possess their individual HiScores.

OSRS HiScores Categories:

OSRS HiScores are divided into several categories that encompass various aspects of the game. These categories include:

1. Overall Rankings:

The Overall Rankings in OSRS represent a comprehensive evaluation of a player’s skill proficiency across all 23 skills in the game.

This evaluation is based on the cumulative level and experience points acquired by the player in each skill. Obtaining a high overall ranking is a clear indication of a player’s unwavering commitment and competence in OSRS.

OSRS HiScores Categories

2. Individual Skill Rankings:

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), there are 23 distinct skills available, each with its own leaderboard called HiScores.

These leaderboards enable players to compare their proficiency in a particular skill with other players, which creates a sense of friendly competition and motivates them to improve their skills.

OSRS has a variety of skills that are well-liked among players, such as combat, magic, and fishing.

Combat Skills: Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged, Magic, and Prayer

Gathering Skills: Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, and Farming

Artisan Skills: Smithing, Cooking, Firemaking, Fletching, Crafting, Runecrafting, and Herblore

Support Skills: Agility, Thieving, Slayer, and Hunter

3. Minigame Rankings:

In OSRS, there are several minigames that provide players with distinctive obstacles, perks, and chances to battle against one another.

These popular minigames have their own leaderboards called HiScores, which display the most outstanding participants in these entertaining pursuits.

By participating in these minigames, players can compete against each other, earn rewards, and encounter unique challenges.

4. Clue Scrolls:

Clue Scrolls are treasure hunts that send players on exciting adventures to find hidden rewards. There are five tiers of Clue Scrolls, each with increasing levels of difficulty and value:

  • Beginner
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Elite

The Clue Scrolls HiScores leaderboard tracks the number of Clue Scrolls completed by players in each tier, with higher rankings going to those who have solved the most.

5. Bounty Hunter:

Bounty Hunter is a competitive player versus player (PvP) game mode where players compete to track and capture bounties while battling against each other. The leaderboard is divided into two main categories: Rogues and Hunters.

Rogues specialize in taking out their targets while Hunters must complete additional objectives while also eliminating bounties.

Bounty Hunter

6. Last Man Standing:

Last Man Standing is a competitive PvP mini-game that follows a battle royale format, where players engage in a fight to be the sole survivor within a continuously reducing play area.

The game leaderboard assesses the performance of participants in this intense and rapid-paced mini-game.

Understanding The Ranking System:

The ranking system in OSRS HiScores is based on two key factors: experience points (XP) and total level. Players earn experience points by participating in various activities and training their skills.

As players accumulate experience points, their skill levels increase, contributing to their total level.

The OSRS HiScores leaderboards are updated regularly, and rankings are determined as follows:

1. Experience Points:

The primary factor in determining a player’s ranking is the amount of experience points earned. Players with higher XP in a specific category will rank higher on the respective leaderboard.

2. Total Level:

In the case of a tie in experience points, the player with the higher total level will rank higher. If both players have the same total level, the one who reached that level first will be given priority.

Achievements And Milestones:

OSRS HiScores showcases various achievements and milestones that players can strive for, such as:

Skill Mastery: A Journey To Level 99:

1. A Path to Prestige:

In OSRS, achieving Level 99 in any of the game’s skills is a true testament to a player’s dedication and expertise.

Attaining Skill Mastery grants the player the honor of wearing a Skill Cape, a prestigious symbol reflecting their hard-earned mastery.

Skill Mastery: A Journey To Level 99

2. Skill Capes:

Skill Capes not only represent a player’s achievement but also offer perks and benefits tailored to each specific skill. These capes come in 23 unique variations, one for each skill, and feature a distinct emblem and color scheme.

Players can also trim their Skill Capes once they have mastered multiple skills, further enhancing their appearance and symbolizing a higher level of achievement.

The Ultimate Achievement: Maxed Skills:

1. The Pinnacle of OSRS Mastery:

Reaching Level 99 in all 23 skills is a monumental accomplishment, transforming a player into a “maxed” character.

This pinnacle of OSRS skill mastery is commemorated with the Max Cape, an ultimate status symbol representing the player’s unrivaled expertise.

2. Max Cape:

The Max Cape not only symbolizes a player’s unparalleled achievements but also combines the benefits of all individual Skill Capes.

Players can customize the appearance of their Max Cape, showcasing their unique style while reaping the benefits of their mastery across all skills.

Beyond Mastery: The 200 Million Experience Points Club:

1. A Commitment to Excellence:

The highest attainable achievement within a skill is amassing 200 million experience points. Although a player’s skill level remains capped at 99, reaching this milestone is a demonstration of extraordinary dedication and commitment to the game.

The Ultimate OSRS Milestone:

Players who achieve 200 million experience points in a skill join an elite group, setting themselves apart from the rest of the OSRS community. This achievement is tracked on the official OSRS HiScores, offering those players a well-deserved place in the game’s history.

Improving Your OSRS HiScores Ranking:

Here are some essential tips for enhancing your OSRSCHiScores ranking in Old School RuneScape:

Setting Achievable Goals And Prioritizing Skills:

1. Assess Your Current Skills:

Examine your current skill levels and determine which ones need improvement. Prioritize the skills that will have the greatest impact on your OSRS HiScores ranking.

2. Establish Measurable Milestones:

Create a series of achievable milestones for each skill. Setting clear and measurable objectives will help maintain your motivation and track your progress.

Maximize Training Efficiency For Skill Advancement:

1. Master the Best Training Techniques:

Investigate the most effective training methods for each skill to ensure you’re using your time and resources wisely. Efficient training leads to quicker leveling up and a higher HiScores ranking.

Optimize Your Training Environment:

Prepare your training environment by stocking up on essential supplies, setting up quick access to resources, and eliminating distractions.

Harness The Power Of Minigames For Skill Progression:

1. Choose the Right Minigames:

Identify minigames that align with your skill priorities. By focusing on the most relevant minigames, you’ll gain valuable experience points and rewards to expedite your skill progression.

2. Master Minigame Strategies:

Become proficient in the strategies and tactics of each minigame to maximize your rewards and experience points, ultimately boosting your OSRS HiScores ranking.

Harness The Power Of Minigames For Skill Progression in osrs

Exploit In-Game Events And Boosts For Rapid Skill Advancement:

1. Seize Opportunities During In-Game Events:

Capitalizing on in-game events, like Double XP Weekends and seasonal events, will grant you bonus experience points and help you level up faster.

2. Utilize Skill-Boosting Items and Equipment:

Invest in skill-enhancing items, potions, and equipment to further increase your training efficiency and speed up your climb in the HiScores rankings.

Connect With The Runescape Community For Collaborative Success:

1. Join a Clan or Online Forum:

Collaborate with fellow RuneScape enthusiasts in a clan or online forum to share tips, strategies, and resources, propelling your OSRS HiScores ranking to new heights.

2. Learn from RuneScape Experts:

Immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge provided by experienced players and content creators. Learn from their expertise to hone your skills and dominate the OSRS HiScores leaderboard.

onnect With The Runescape Community For Collaborative Success


Old School RuneScape HiScores is a competitive platform that allows players to showcase their achievements and mastery across various skills and categories.

By understanding the ranking system, setting goals, and adopting efficient training methods, players can strive to improve their standings on the leaderboards and earn recognition among their peers.

Embrace the challenge, and remember that persistence, dedication, and smart strategies will propel you to the top of the HiScores rankings.

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