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OSRS Max Hit Calculator Range – Conditions In 2023

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Ranged combat is one of the three primary combat styles in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and can deal significant damage to both monsters and other players.

However, to achieve the highest possible damage output, players need to understand the various factors that affect their maximum hit.

In this article, we will focus on the OSRS Max Hit Calculator Range and how to reach the maximum ranged hit in both PvM and PvP combat.

Maximum Ranged Hit In PvM:

In PvM combat, the highest amount of damage that can be dealt through ranged attacks is 110. By facing a particular opponent with the proper equipment, ammunition, and weaponry, this can be accomplished.

To achieve the maximum ranged hit of 110, one must wield a Zaryte crossbow and use Ruby bolts (e) as ammunition, while also engaging the Corporeal Beast without any armor equipped.

Additionally, the Corporeal Beast must be at full health and have not been previously attacked by any other player or NPC.

Maximum Ranged Hit In PvM

Under these specific conditions, the maximum hit with Ruby bolts (e) is 100, but the unique effect of the Zaryte crossbow increases the damage cap to 110 upon activation.

It is important to note that the maximum hit with Ruby bolts (e) is not affected by equipment bonuses or Ranged level.

Maximum Ranged Hit In PvP:

In Player versus Player (PvP) combat, it is essential to achieve the highest possible ranged hit, just as it is in Player versus Monster (PvM) combat.

However, the maximum hit achievable in PvP is lower than that in PvM due to the unique nature of PvP battles.

To reach the maximum ranged hit in PvP, it is necessary to equip oneself with specific items, such as the Zaryte crossbow and Dragonstone dragon bolts (e), along with full max ranged damage gear comprising the Armadyl helmet, Ava’s assembler, and the Amulet of ranging.

Considering these conditions, the highest possible hit with Dragonstone dragon bolts (e) is about 79. However, this value may be affected by the opponent’s armor, prayers, and other variables.

Conditions For Maximum Ranged Hit:

  • Weapon: Zaryte crossbow
  • Ammunition: Ruby bolts (e)
  • Opponent: Corporeal Beast
  • Armour: None
  • Other: Corporeal beast must be at full health.

Calculating Your Maximum Ranged Hit:

1. Calculate The Maximum Hit:

The maximum hit is the largest amount of damage a player can deal to an opponent in a single hit. In OSRS, this value is influenced by a variety of factors, including the player’s equipment, combat style, and opponent’s defenses.

To calculate the maximum hit, you first need to determine the player’s Ranged Strength, which can be found in the Equipment Stats window under ‘Other bonuses’.

This value is added to the player’s Ranged level and multiplied by a combat style modifier (1.5 for rapid, 1.3 for accurate, and 1.2 for long-range).

If the player is slaying monsters on task while wearing a Black mask (i) or Slayer helm (i), the gear bonus is 1.15. If the player is killing Undead monsters while wearing a Salve amulet (i) or Salve amulet (ei), the gear bonus is 7/6 (1.67). Note that these two bonuses do not stack.

If the player is using a Twisted bow, the damage modifier is also included in the gear bonus and does stack with slayer/salve bonuses. However, calculating the two modifiers can be more complicated, as it is not a constant value.

2. Example Calculation:

Let’s say a player has a Ranged level of 99 and Ranged Strength of 100. They are using the rapid combat style while on a slayer task wearing a Black mask (i). Their gear setup includes a Twisted bow and Salve amulet (ei). Their opponent is a skeletal wyvern.

To calculate the maximum hit in this scenario, we would first multiply the player’s Ranged Strength (100) by the combat style modifier for rapid (1.5), giving us a base value of 150. We then add the player’s Ranged level (99) to get 249.

Next, we calculate the gear bonus. Since the player is on a slayer task and wearing a Black mask (i), the gear bonus is 1.15.

They are also using a Salve amulet (ei) against an Undead opponent, which gives a gear bonus of 7/6 (1.67). Finally, the Twisted bow has a damage modifier against skeletal wyverns of 1.5.

To calculate the total gear bonus, we multiply the individual bonuses together: 1.15 x 1.67 x 1.5 = 3.24975 (rounded to 3.25). We then multiply the base value by the gear bonus to get the maximum hit: 249 x 3.25 = 809.25 (rounded to 809).

3. Calculate The Bonus Damage:

To calculate bonus damage in OSRS, you can use the following formula:

Bonus Damage = Max Hit – Base Damage

where Max Hit is calculated using the following formula:

Max Hit = ⌊Base Damage × Special Bonus⌋

The special attack/effect bonuses and their respective multipliers are:

  • Dark bow (dragon arrows): 1.5
  • Dark bow (other arrows): 1.3
  • Zaryte crossbow (enchanted bolts): 1.1
  • Diamond bolts (e): 1.15
  • Dragonstone bolts (e): 1.45
  • Onyx bolts (e): 1.15
  • Opal bolts (e): 1.25

To calculate the bonus damage, you need to know the base damage of the weapon or spell you’re using and the special attack/effect bonus multiplier that applies. Once you have those values, you can plug them into the formulas above to get the bonus damage.


Calculating the maximum hit in combat can be a complex process, involving numerous factors such as gear, combat style, opponent, and more.

However, by following the guidelines outlined in this article, players can accurately determine their maximum ranged hit and strategize their combat accordingly.

It’s important to note that while achieving the maximum hit is certainly a worthwhile goal, it is not always the most practical or efficient strategy in combat.

Depending on the situation, players may need to prioritize other factors, such as accuracy, defense, or utility.

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