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Tempoross OSRS – Detailed Guide In 2023

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Tempoross is a boss in the game Old School RuneScape (OSRS), which was released on 24 March 2021. It is a sea serpent that can be found on the island of Ashihama, which is accessible via the Lovakengj Minecart Network.

To fight Tempoross, players must have a Fishing level of at least 35 and have completed the quest “The Fremennik Trials”.

The boss fight involves using a harpoon to catch and then damage the serpent while avoiding its attacks. Players must also manage their oxygen supply and use special relics to gain advantages in the fight.

Defeating Tempoross can reward players with a variety of valuable items, including the tome of water, which can be used to unlock new spells in the game.

What Are Tempoross OSRS?

Tempoross is a sea monster that spawns in the waters surrounding the island of Ashihama. It is a multiphase boss fight that requires players to use specific tactics to defeat it.

The sea monster has various mechanics that players must learn to overcome, such as avoiding its attacks, managing its health bar, and using specific equipment to inflict damage.

What Are Tempoross OSRS?

Completing Tempoross OSRS provides players with a chance to earn various rewards, including the Tome of Water, the Siren’s Tome, and the Harpoon Launcher. Tempoross is the only place in the game where you can find all of these items.  

Additionally, players have a chance to earn various skilling resources, such as raw fish, seaweed, and alchable items.

Required Items To Participate:

To participate in Tempoross, you will need the following items:

A Rope: You can obtain a Rope by speaking to the Sea Spirit at Tempoross Cove.

Buckets: You can obtain Buckets by speaking to the Fisherman at Tempoross Cove.

A Hammer: You can obtain a Hammer by speaking to the Tool Leprechaun at Tempoross Cove.

A Harpoon: You can obtain a Harpoon by speaking to the Harpoon Seer at Tempoross Cove.

A Small Fishing Net: This item is not necessary to participate in Tempoross, but it is required to acquire rewards. You can obtain a Small Fishing Net by speaking to the Fisherman at Tempoross Cove.

Note that you can also bring your own fishing gear to Tempoross, such as a Fishing Rod and Bait or a Lobster Pot. These items may be useful for catching fish during the activity.

What Are The Ways To Reach The Tempoross?

To reach Tempoross, players have several options, each with varying levels of speed and convenience.

The fastest and most direct way to reach Tempoross is by using Ferryman Sathwood’s boat, located south of the Al Kharid bank.

The Tempoross docks are a short distance from the Amulet of Glory teleport, and this method will take the player there instantly.

Players can easily access this teleport option by equipping the amulet and selecting the appropriate teleport location.

What Are The Ways To Reach The Tempoross

Another fast way to reach Tempoross is by using the pharaoh’s sceptre to teleport to the Ancient Pyramids and head southwest.

This option requires players to have a pharaoh’s sceptre in their inventory, which can be obtained by completing Pyramid Plunder or trading with other players.

Once at the Ancient Pyramid, players can use the teleport option Jaldraocht to teleport to the desert southwest of the Pyramid and then make their way to Tempoross.

Using the Camulet to teleport to Enakhra’s Temple Entrance and heading south is also an option, although it is slightly slower than the previous two methods.

The Camulet can be obtained by completing Enakhra’s Lament quest and provides a teleport option to Enakhra’s Temple Entrance. From there, players can head south towards Tempoross.

The slowest method of reaching Tempoross is by taking the magic carpet to Menaphos and heading northwest.

While this option may take longer than the other methods, it does provide players with the opportunity to explore the city of Menaphos and potentially complete other quests or activities along the way.

How To Fight With Tempoross?

Defeating Tempoross, a boss, requires boarding a ship at the Ruins of Unkah and can be done solo or with a group. The difficulty of the encounter increases in proportion to the number of participants and their total fishing skill.

Shooting harpoon fish from the cannons of both ships and then catching energized fish from the whirlpools at the end of each dock is how players drain Tempoross’ energy.

Up to three attempts at this cycle can be made before Tempoross becomes “enraged,” signaling the end of an unsuccessful encounter. In the event of a successful encounter, the player will be transferred back to the Ruins of Unkah after 20 seconds;

however, they can avoid this wait by using the “Leave” option (available via the right mouse button) on any of the NPCs in the Cove.

Tempoross’ Attacks:

In the game, Tempoross is a sea monster that players encounter. It has a variety of attacks that can impede players’ movements and cause them to lose certain items.

The wave attack is a massive wave that can be avoided by tethering oneself to masts or totem poles using a rope, but these can be broken by the wave and will need to be repaired with a hammer.

Tempoross' Attacks:

The lightning attack is characterized by large gray clouds that emit lightning bolts, which players can put out with buckets of water.

Players can avoid the torrent attack by moving away from the cannon they are loading or by switching to another cannon.

The attack temporarily disables the cannon and stuns the player. If Tempoross’s health drops to 10%, it is immune to all attacks.


During the Tempoross battle in the game, players primarily earn Fishing experience while also having the chance to earn experience in Cooking, Construction, and Strength. However, no experience points are awarded upon defeating Tempoross.

Players receive one reward permit after scoring 2,000 battle points, and another reward permit after scoring 700 battle points in excess of 2,000.

Any remaining points provide a chance to receive a final permit. Players can fish for their final reward from the reward pool at the Ruins of Unkah using either a small or large fishing net, and the pool can hold up to 8,000 permits.

The rewards obtained are based on the player’s Fishing level at the time of fishing from the pool.

Take Away:

Tempoross OSRS is a challenging boss fight that requires careful preparation and execution to defeat successfully.

By following the strategies outlined in this guide, players can optimize their gear and inventory, train their skills, and form a strong team to take on Tempoross.

With persistence and skill, players can score big loot and emerge victorious against this formidable sea monster.

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