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Vorkath is a formidable blue dragon and undead monster that serves as a boss in the game RuneScape. It was created by Zorgoth during the Dragonkin Conflicts of the Fourth Age, but due to its lack of aggression, it was left on the island of Ungael as a distraction for any human intruders.

Players face Vorkath as the second-to-last boss in the Dragon Slayer II quest and can fight a stronger version of it after completing the quest.

Vorkath is classified as a blue dragon and zombie for Slayer tasks and is susceptible to the Salve amulet and its variations, but not in conjunction with the Slayer helmet. Rings of recoil are ineffective against Vorkath.

Vorkath OSRS Fight Overview:

Vorkath, a blue dragon, was brought to life by Zorgoth, a Dragonkin who was determined to discover a cure for the aggressive and uncontrollable nature that affected most dragons.

While Vorkath managed to avoid the curse that afflicted his kind, he was considered too gentle and passive by his creator.

Vorkath OSRS Fight Overview:
Source:Vorkath OSRS Fight

Consequently, Zorgoth left Vorkath to live in his den beneath the Dragonkin stronghold of Ungael, where he served as a deterrent for any human intruders who might stumble upon the location.

Vorkath’s Classification And Stats:

Vorkath, a unique creature in OSRS, is categorized as both a dragon and a zombie due to his uncommon origins.

It’s worth noting that he has a slightly different set of skills and attributes depending on whether or not the player meets him during the Dragon Slayer II quest.

When players face Vorkath during the quest, he has a combat level of 392 and the following stats:

  • Hit Points: 460
  • Attack: 560
  • Strength: 268
  • Defense: 164
  • Magic: 148
  • Ranged: 268
  • Pierce Defense: 66
  • Slash Defense: 126
  • Crush Defense: 126
  • Magic Defense: 204
  • Ranged Defense: 80

When facing Vorkath outside of the quest, players will encounter a more difficult fight against a combat level 732 opponent. However, players are free to access his instance and battle him at their convenience.

Furthermore, Turael, Duradel, Spria, Nieve, Mazchna, and Konar quo Maten are just some of the NPCs who can assign Vorkath as the target of Slayer Tasks.

Once players are facing Vorkath in this way, he has the following stats:

  • Hit Points: 750
  • Attack: 560
  • Strength: 308
  • Defense: 214
  • Magic: 150
  • Ranged: 308
  • Stab Defense: 26
  • Slash Defense: 108
  • Crush Defense: 108
  • Magic Defense: 240
  • Ranged Defense: 26

The fact that some of Vorkath’s stats are dropping even though his combat level is increasing makes these changes all the more interesting.

In particular, aside from Magic Defense, all of his defenses decrease, which will force players to engage him in the way that the game’s designers intended and will help neutralize his higher general Defense skill.

Fighting Vorkath OSRS:

1. Vorkath Attacks:

A Vorkath attack can be classified as either a standard attack or a special attack. Standard attacks are used by Vorkath throughout the battle, whereas special attacks are more potent and used occasionally.

2. Standard Attacks:

Vorkath is a character in a game who can use three types of attacks: melee, magic, and ranged. When players are close enough to Vorkath, he will use a slashing attack that causes damage.

However, if players are far away, Vorkath will use either his magic or ranged attack. The magic attack is capable of dealing 30 points of damage, but players can protect themselves by using the Protect from Magic prayer.

Standard Attacks in Vorkath OSRS

But Vorkath’s ranged attack is very much like the magic attack, except it uses a spiked ball and does 32 points of damage instead. Players can protect themselves from this attack by using the Protect from Missiles prayer.

3. Special Attacks:

During the fight against Vorkath, he alternates between two distinct special attacks. The first one, Acid Pool Quickfire Barrage, involves Vorkath launching acidic substances that spread throughout the arena. After that, Vorkath releases 25 consecutive Dragonfire attacks.

If the player gets hit by any of these attacks while standing in the acidic pool, Vorkath’s health will be restored, and the player will take damage.

Additionally, the damage that Vorkath takes from this attack is reduced by half for the duration that it is active.

On the other hand, Vorkath’s second special attack is called Zombified Ice Dragonfire, and it is a dragonfire attack that has been zombiefied.

With this maneuver, Vorkath is able to render the player immobile by employing a one-of-a-kind Dragonfire attack that does not deal any damage.

While this is going on, Vorkath calls forth a Zombified Spawn, which makes him immune to any damage that is dealt to him.

The Zombified Spawn then approaches the player and explodes upon making contact, causing up to 60 damage.

To counter this attack, players must eliminate the Zombified Spawn before it reaches them, ideally by utilizing the Crumble Undead spell.

Vorkath Crossbow Method:

A combat encounter may prove to be challenging for players due to the opponent’s high Magic Defense. Hence, it is advisable to refrain from using magic-based attacks and consider utilizing two other effective strategies to overcome the challenge.

One of the recommended methods is to obtain a Dragon Hunter Crossbow, which is more effective than a Zaryte Crossbow. However, it may not be feasible for most players to acquire due to the difficulty level involved in obtaining it.

Combat Strategies for the Crossbow Method:

After equipping themselves, players can engage in combat with Vorkath. During the encounter, it’s important for players to maintain a safe distance from Vorkath to avoid being hit by his melee attack.

Players should focus on dealing as much damage as possible while also keeping a close eye on their health and using antivenoms and antifire potions as needed.Players need to be on the move in order to avoid taking continuous damage if Vorkath uses the special attack known as Acid Pool Quickfire Barrage.

Alternately, players have the option of continuing to attack Vorkath even while he is being affected by this attack by moving eight tiles away from him and then selecting to attack.

Players have the option of bringing either a Rune Pouch containing the necessary runes to cast Crumble Undead or a Slayer staff, which has the ability to cast the spell for free and can be used to counter Vorkath’s Zombified Ice Dragonfire attack.

Vorkath Melee Method:

Melee combat can be a useful tactic to defeat a boss, especially if you lack ranged abilities. However, this approach requires a specific build and strategy to minimize risk and make the fight more manageable.

To enhance your chances of success against Vorkath, you can equip the Salve Amulet in the Necklace Slot, which gives a bonus to attack and damage against undead monsters.

The Torva armor in the Head, Body, and Leg Slots provides excellent defense against Vorkath’s attacks, and the Avernic Defender Shield Slot can reduce incoming damage by up to 20%.

For weapons, the Dragon hunter Lance is an ideal choice as it provides extra damage against dragons. Adding Rada’s Blessing to the Ammunition Slot can slightly improve damage and accuracy.

The Ferocious Gloves in the Hands Slot and Primordial Boots in the Feet Slot provide valuable bonuses to strength and attack skills.

Lastly, the Berserker Ring in the Ring Slot boosts your attack and strength skills, making it a wise overall selection for Vorkath melee combat.

Vorkath Drops:

Vorkath is a unique boss in a game that has a drop table with valuable and exclusive items. When you defeat Vorkath, you will receive all of its drops, including bones, Blue Dragonhide, and Rune darts. Furthermore, you get two rolls on Vorkath’s drop table, except for tertiary items, which only have one roll.

Vorkath Drops

The estimated drop rates for Vorkath have been gathered by The Drop Rate Project, a community-led initiative that has collected data from over 154,350 attempts.

However, it’s essential to note that these drop rates are simply approximations and may vary based on individual experiences.

Maximizing Your Profits:

To maximize your profits, you need to understand which drops are the most valuable and how to increase your chances of obtaining them.

Prioritize Rare Drops:

While Vorkath offers numerous valuable drops, there are some that are more valuable and harder to come by. Examples of such rare drops include the Dragonfire Ward and the Skeletal Visage, which can fetch high prices in the Grand Exchange.

 As such, it is advisable to prioritize obtaining these rare drops by increasing your chances of obtaining them.

Use Optimal Gear and Inventory Setup:

To successfully defeat Vorkath, a formidable opponent, it is crucial to equip oneself with the best gear and inventory setup. This will not only increase the likelihood of victory but also boost the chance of obtaining valuable rewards.

Use Optimal Gear and Inventory Setup

It is recommended to bring essential items such as a Ranged weapon, a Dragonfire Shield, and potions such as Super Antifire and Ranging Potion. These items are necessary to effectively take down Vorkath and ensure a smooth battle.

1. Complete Konar’s Tasks:

If you are lucky enough to receive a Vorkath task from Konar, make sure to complete it as it offers a higher average kill value. The average Vorkath kill while on a Konar task is worth 140,816.66 compared to the average value of 138,960.29.

2. Utilize Other Methods:

While Vorkath is undoubtedly one of the most profitable bosses, it is not the only method. Other methods like Zulrah and Raids can also offer valuable drops and should be considered as part of your overall profit strategy.

Take Away:

Vorkath is a challenging but rewarding boss in Old School RuneScape. With the right preparation and strategies, you can take down this dragon and earn valuable rewards, including dragon bones, dragonfire scales, and the chance to earn the coveted Vorki pet.

Remember to bring the right equipment and potions, understand Vorkath’s attacks and patterns, and use effective strategies to take down this powerful boss.

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