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Wintertodt OSRS – Updated With Full Run! In 2023

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The Wintertodt is located in the Northern Tundras of Great Kourend and is a unique boss that requires players to use their skills rather than combat to defeat it. The boss is notorious for its ability to change the weather to extremely low temperatures.

To defeat the Wintertodt, players must assist the pyromancers, a group of Arceuus mages who are the only ones with the necessary spells to defeat it.

While players require at least level 50 in Firemaking to help, the boss is considered unsafe, and if players die, they will lose their items.

While skills in Herblore, Fletching, Woodcutting, and Construction do not affect the speed of related activities, players can gain more experience with higher levels in these skills.

History Overview

The Wintertodt caused severe damage and an everlasting winter in the northern lands of Great Kourend during the 2nd decade, and it persisted for 30 years.

In response, Lord Arceuus I commissioned the construction of the Arceuus Library to preserve the kingdom’s history.

Around 1,000 years ago, a Lovakengj blacksmith named Dinh proposed a plan to defeat the Winter Beast by creating a prison using the Bruma tree’s roots, luring the Beast inside, and sealing it with enchanted doors.

After five decades, the Winter Beast was successfully contained, and the day was celebrated as Winter’s End.

However, over time, the doors began to deteriorate, and a small hole was discovered, which allowed the Wintertodt to gain power.

Under managed to fix the doors during The Forsaken Tower quest, but it was too late, as the Wintertodt had already gained considerable strength.

It was later discovered that the doors were sabotaged by a Pyromancer with the help of Xamphur, Xeric’s ally. The Tasakaal developed a potion to protect the doors from further damage.

Required Items To Fight The Wintertodt:

In order to effectively combat the Wintertodt, there are several crucial items that are necessary. These include a bronze axe or a higher quality one to rapidly chop down the surrounding magic tree, a knife to make kindling out of logs, a hammer to swiftly fix damaged braziers, and a tinderbox or a bruma torch to ignite the kindling and braziers.

Required Items To Fight The Wintertodt:

Additionally, it is imperative to have unfinished rejuvenation potions that can be acquired from Wintertodt crates or made with Herblore. These potions are vital for restoring and temporarily increasing the player’s Hitpoints during the fight.

It is also highly recommended to wear warm or winter-themed clothing to reduce the damage taken from the Wintertodt’s attacks, and bringing high-level food, such as sharks or monkfish, is advisable to maintain a high Hitpoint level throughout the fight.

While some of these items can be found within the Wintertodt, it is better to bring one’s own items to save time and ensure success.

Traveling To The Wintertodt Camp In Great Kourend:

The Wintertodt can be reached in two main ways. Following is a list of choices, from quickest to slowest:

Method 1: Games Necklace:

To reach the Wintertodt camp quickly, you can use a Games Necklace that teleports you directly to the camp entrance.

However, you must have taken Veos’s ship to Great Kourend at least once to use this option. If you haven’t, you’ll need to pay 80 coins to Veos at the Port Sarim docks for the ship ride to Kourend.

Games Necklace

Once you arrive in Kourend, you can use your Games Necklace to teleport to the Wintertodt camp.

Right-click on the Necklace and select “Wintertodt Camp ” from the options to teleport directly to the camp entrance and start battling the Wintertodt.

Method 2: Fairy Ring:

If you don’t have a Games Necklace, you can still travel to the Wintertodt camp by using the Fairy Ring network.

To use this method, you first need to pay Trossa 80,000 coins in Zanaris and then use the Fairy Ring code “CIS” to teleport to the Feldip Hills area.

Games Fairy Ring

Once you arrive at Feldip Hills, you will need to walk west along the path until you reach the Wintertodt camp.

Although this method is slower than using a Games Necklace, it is available to all players regardless of whether they have previously visited Great Kourend.


To participate in the Wintertodt fight in the game, players must meet specific requirements. These include having a Firemaking level of at least 50, as the Wintertodt can only be damaged by players who have reached this level.

Additionally, players must have completed the “Druidic Ritual” quest to pick Bruma herbs, which are necessary for creating rejuvenation potions that restore both Hitpoints and Energy.

Finally, players must own a player-owned house to gain Construction experience by repairing broken braziers, which is a useful way to gain Construction experience and earn points towards the Wintertodt reward system.

Fighting The Wintertodt:

In order to defeat the Wintertodt in prison, players cannot use conventional combat methods. Instead, they must maintain the braziers around the area by collecting bruma roots from the nearby Bruma tree, which can be chopped.

The pyromancers provide players with supplies, including bronze axes, hammers, knives, tinderboxes, and unfinished rejuvenation potions.

Fighting The Wintertodt

Players must also avoid taking damage from the Wintertodt’s seeping cold and snowstorms, which can harm both players and the braziers.

If the pyromancer is hit three times by the Wintertodt, they will be incapacitated, and the brazier will go out.

To revive the pyromancer, players must heal them using a rejuvenation potion made with Bruma herbs, which can be found by picking Sprouting Roots. Druidic Ritual completion is required to pick the herb and create the potion.

Damaging The Wintertodt:

To weaken the Wintertodt during the battle, it’s necessary for the pyromancers to utilize the power of the Bruma flames. Maintaining the braziers and ensuring the pyromancers are in good condition is essential.

The braziers can be ignited using either a tinderbox or a bruma torch, and the flames can be fueled by adding bruma roots or bruma kindling.

Damaging The Wintertodt

Bruma roots can be obtained by chopping them near the braziers, and players can craft Bruma kindling by using a knife to fletch them.

Throughout the fight, the Wintertodt may damage the braziers and pyromancers, but these can be repaired using a hammer and healed with a rejuvenation potion, respectively.

Wintertodt’s attacks:

In battle, the Wintertodt uses three distinct attack strategies:

1. Standard Attack:

Wintertodt, a boss in a game, utilizes a standard attack that inflicts damage on players periodically.

The attack occurs randomly every 10 to 20 seconds, and it can hit players multiple times in quick succession, making it difficult to recover health without the aid of sufficient food.

Standard Attack osrs

Maintaining at least three braziers and reducing the Wintertodt’s energy level can decrease the frequency of this attack.

2. Brazier Attack:

In the game, Wintertodt can also use a brazier attack to damage players. This attack involves snow clusters falling on the braziers and causing them to break, which results in players standing next to them receiving damage similar to that of falling snow.

Brazier Attack osrs

To avoid this attack, players must keep an eye out for snowflakes falling above the braziers, which is a sign of the impending attack.

3. Area Attack:

Another attack employed by Wintertodt in the game is the area attack, which involves random 3×3 spaces being targeted by falling snow.

Players can avoid this attack by being vigilant for clusters of snowflakes descending from the sky.

Failure to avoid this attack will result in almost twice the amount of damage inflicted by the standard attack. If the falling snow hits a brazier, it will break, and if it strikes a pyromancer, it will take damage.

4. Passive Damage:

During the battle with the Wintertodt, the player will experience passive damage due to the intense cold.

The amount of damage inflicted on the player is determined by their total Hitpoints and Firemaking levels but can be significantly reduced if the player wears warm or winter-themed clothing.

Passive Damage osrs

To achieve optimal protection, the player must equip at least four warm items. Ironmen can use parts of the clue hunter outfit and staff of fire to meet the requirement of four total pieces until they obtain parts of the Pyromancer outfit.

How to Survive Wintertodt’s Attacks?

Players need to be ready for Wintertodt’s attacks if they want to stay alive. Here are some tips for players to help them stay alive in battle:

  • Maintain lit braziers to decrease the frequency of Wintertodt’s basic attack.
  • Be cautious of falling snowflakes above the brazier to evade the brazier attack.
  • Look out for groups of falling snowflakes to dodge the area attack.
  • Wear winter-themed or warm attire to reduce the passive damage taken.
  • Use a minimum of four warm items for optimal protection.
  • Ironmen can combine parts of the clue hunter outfit and a staff of fire to reach a total of four pieces until they obtain Pyromancer outfit pieces.


The rewards for defeating the Wintertodt are based on the number of reward points that players acquire during the fight. To be eligible for rewards, players must collect a minimum of 500 points.

The rewards consist of a supply crate and a Firemaking experience that is equal to 100 times the player’s level in Firemaking.

A supply crate will give a minimum of two loots on the rewards table. Points above the minimum 500 will go towards extra reward rolls.

Activities That Earn Reward Points:

During the Wintertodt battle, players can engage in various activities that will earn them reward points. Here are the activities that provide reward points, as well as the skills involved:

  • Players can earn 25 reward points for lighting braziers during the Wintertodt battle.
  • Players can earn 10 reward points for adding Bruma roots to a brazier during the Wintertodt battle.
  • Players can earn 25 reward points for adding Bruma kindling to a brazier during the Wintertodt battle.
  • Players can earn 25 reward points for repairing destroyed braziers during the Wintertodt battle.
  • Players can earn 30 reward points for healing pyromancers during the Wintertodt battle.

Final Words:

Wintertodt’s attacks can be challenging for players, but with the right knowledge and preparation, they can be overcome.

By understanding the different types of attacks and how to avoid them, players can increase their chances of success in the fight.

By earning reward points through various activities during the battle, players can receive valuable supplies and a Firemaking experience.

We hope that this article has been informative and helps you to better understand the rewards for defeating the Wintertodt.

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